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A Primer on Advertising for the Internet Marketer

What Is Advertising? As a budding internet marketer, all of the tips and tricks to marketing online will fail if you don’t have a fundamental understanding of what it means to advertise.

How to Write a Solo Ad – Part 2

The subject line of your solo ad was brilliant and thousands of folks have opened your email. The question now becomes, what awaits them?

The Secret To Increasing Your Marketing Results: Principle 1 of 7

There is a secret aspect of marketing that will dramatically and directly affect your bottom line results and actually help you in every area of your business and your life. Communications.

How to Find an Expert to Follow – A Simple Checklist

Which experts in internet marketing should you get to help you? These experts or “gurus” as some might call them, have lots of experience in internet marketing. But everyday there seems to be a new king on the block.

Internet Business Failure – Why and What to Do Instead

It is a known fact that most businesses fold up within the first year. Some struggle to survive the first year but they barely struggle to stay in business. This essay reveals some of factors that account for most business failures and what to do instead.

Easy Money Online – 3 Sure Ways

The quest to make easy money online is ever increasing. This is evident by the thousands of adverts on the internet claiming you can make millions of dollars within a very short time with little or no efforts. Unfortunately, a lot of these ads are scams and so many people have been deceived into buying these products only to discover later that money is not rolling in as expected.

The Top Ways of Viral Marketing for Your Business

Would you like your business website to go viral? Would it help to understand that this can happen without cost to you? Learn the various ways your website can go viral to help promote your products and services.

Online Marketing Company – Do You Really Need One?

Working with an online marketing company offers plenty of benefits, but there are disadvantages as well. Creating a market for your product or service takes time, and if you don’t have the knowledge around Internet marketing, it’s going to take longer. Then again, if you have all the work done by an online marketing company it could end up hurting your budget.

Free Home Based Business, Models and Links

Free home based business, is that possible? Yes it is. Remember though, there is no such thing as free.

Save Big On SEO

Search engine optimization has come a long way over the years. When I entered the field in 1996 most SEO was just entering a few lines of Meta tags and making sure your keywords were prominent on the page without overdoing it. Of course, back then there were maybe 25,000 50,000 competing pages for any given keyword. Today typical competition ranges from 800,000 to 1,100,000.OK, now read this article and see how you can be number one!

4 Myths of Internet Marketing

The other day a friend of mine called me up in a panic. His website had been advancing dramatically in PageRank and he was working hard to build it up. Then he checked at the beginning of August and noticed that his PageRank had dropped to zero. The phone call to me was an “I’m ruined” phone call and it took me a long time to calm him down and assure him that he was not ruined. It inspired me to write this list of 4 myths of internet marketing.

How To Spot A Fake Internet Marketing Business?

We have all seen them. Most of us who have been on the internet for any length of time think we can spot a fake internet marketing business a mile away. We read the hype and go no further into the copy. It just sounds too good to be true. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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