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Internet Marketing Concepts – Doing More Than What Is Expected Of You

There are so many people within the Internet marketing industry who fail to do more than what is expected of them. As a result, they get substandard results. To the extent you are somebody who is truly interested in making as much money as possible in this business, then you really need to stop and ask yourself whether or not you’re willing to go the extra mile to help other people.

Internet Marketing Via Article Writing Pays Large Dividends!

Information-based marketing is founded on the written word. Articles are a compilation of many relevant and inter- connected words. Laying on a shelf or buried in a computer prevents potential readers from benefiting from the ideas the articles might contain. Publishing those article allows them to fulfill their original purpose. In this age of modern technology, communication via the written word is the basis of information based marketing, both old established printed style and online Internet marketing.

3 Best Ways To Profit From Your Email Marketing List

Whilst it is an ongoing process building an email marketing list you still need to work on what you are going to offer those that sign up. Whilst there should be a good mix of help and knowledge given for free, your messages should also contain offers of products and services available to buy. So how do you profit from your email marketing list?

Why Take Your Small Business Online

Traditional small and micro businesses usually find it difficult to expand their businesses beyond the local market due to lack of money and resources. Their businesses are further affected with the proliferation of the conglomerates into almost every sector of the consumer market, and that makes them barely survive on their niche market.

Local Business Website: A Must-Have No Matter What You Think

To promote your business and sell your products and services, you must have a presence online. It’s how you increase your profits and makes you more successful. Maybe you are just starting out in a new business and haven’t put up a website yet. Or you’ve had a simple website for a few years now without updating it at all. It’s time to ramp it up.

Internet Marketing Makeovers – Looking At Your Page Again

Take the time to evaluate the various pages which you have published on the Internet. What you will likely discover is that there are many more opportunities to extract profit from these pages than you may have otherwise realized. As you probably already know, many people fail to make money as Internet marketers.

Article Marketing – Three Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From Articles

If you own a business or online ecommerce site, then you probably are always on the lookout for more ways to generate traffic to your site or business, and potentially get more customers. This article will explain how article marketing can be used to generate traffic to your website, as well as help to increase your search engine placement in the results pages.

Just 5 Simple Steps to Start Online Business: Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever thought of starting your own online business? Or do you have the determination yet clueless on where to start from? No worries, I am here to help and guide your first step into making money online. Allow me to recommend and share with you, just these 5 simple steps…

5 Ways to Impress As an Internet Marketing Speaker

Have you landed your first gig as an internet marketing speaker? Have you landed a chance to impress at a big conference? If so, chances are you’re now thinking about the next step: how to make a big impact and open the door to more (and even better) opportunities.

Why It Is Important to Define Your Primary Customer and How It Can Skyrocket Your Sales

Successful businesses define exactly who their primary customer is and then use all of their resources to market to their primary customer. If your business is struggling, it may be because you are marketing to a broad spectrum of prospective buyers. It’s time to narrow your focus.

CRO, Please Play Nice With SEO

Our last post, The Art of SEO: Conversion Rate Optimization, spoke to the relationship between driving traffic to your site and converting existing traffic. The argument is, why continue to drive new traffic in excess to your website if you can’t convert any of the existing traffic. Getting people to your site is great, but if they visit your homepage, stay for 15 seconds and leave, what have you accomplished?

4 Ways to Sell Inbound Marketing to Your Manufacturing CEO

Inbound marketing is defined as getting yourself found by customers. People always think that outbound marketing or forcing your products onto customers is the best way for you to sell products; such is no longer true now that internet has gained popularity. If you have to convince a manufacturing CEO that inbound marketing is the next best step in making a lot of great sales then you need to give them good enough reasons to do so. It is not easy to reason out to a CEO especially if they have to transfer or use a different strategy.

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