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Are You Keeping In Touch With Your Clients?

Keeping in touch with current and past customers is something we all know we should do but aren’t always very good at. Since gaining new business from past and existing customers is much easier than finding new ones, really it’s a no brainer not to do it. Savvy marketers keep in touch with their customers in many ways, so here’s a few online and offline ideas to get you re-contacting past clients and staying in touch with existing ones.

ORM: Keep Your Online Reputation Safe

It takes years to build reputation in the market and and with a slight negative thrust, all that hard work goes down the drain but businesses, firms, celebrities and individuals can cut down on the negative listings or information with the help of Online Reputation Management service. With the explosion of technologies relating the Internet assaults, or negative claims of any form made can tarn the reputation of an individual or a company in split seconds. The possibility of negative publicity is so vast that any person accessing the Web can post information or rumors that can make its way…

Online Marketing MONOPOLY! How To Dominate Your Niche With Sites That ALMOST Build Themselves!

Who else is sick and tired of NOT getting qualified traffic to your website? Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for new content? Are you broke, burned out and JUST about ready to give up completely? The truth is, there are GREAT ways to create a veritable avalanche of content that the search engines LOVE, that rank incredibly high almost right out of the gate, and that take very little of your time, effort, energy or income to create.

What Can You Gain From The Guru Siphon Formula?

Online coaching programmes are very popular these days and with the added bonus of being able to learn through the power of video, they become more appealing on a daily basis. Eddy Croft and Joshua Denning have just introduced their new online video coaching program called Guru Siphon Formula which they hope to teach their students some real techniques about making money online.

Register Your Site to Open Directory – DMOZ

DMOZ is the open directory which contains lists of websites on the internet. DMOZ is important for webmaster or blogger who wants to increase their site standing in Google search engine ranking page. There are some reasons why DMOZ hold an important stand on the net.

Make Money From Home – 3 Top Ways To Do This

With the economic climate the way it is at the moment, many people are looking at ways to Make Money From Home. There are many ways that you can do this and one of the most popular ways is to use the power of the internet to gain access to a global market. Literally the world is your oyster.

Your Effective Online Marketing Plan Checklist

The Online Marketing Business is becoming popular day by day. Now-a-days a lot of people are readily investing in the online marketing business to earn some quick buck.

Repetition Is A Powerful Technique To Use In Your Internet Marketing Article

Repetition puts your readers into some sort of trance where the focus is on the word or phrase that you always repeat. Sound’s good right? Yes, it does!

10 Days in Your Underwear

My view on Anik Singal. Where did he come from. Where’s he going. And most importantly, where is he taking us all.

Legitimate Places To Make Money With Your Blog

So you’ve got a blog, and you want to use it to make some money. But how? Here are some legitimate places to make money with your blog.

5 Tips to Succeed and Create Wealth Online

There often isn’t much difference between a successful work at home professional and one who didn’t make it. Use these tips to help you on the path to creating wealth online.

Does The Help Desk Really Work?

Help desk usually refers to a individual sitting at a desk with a telephone in hand, explaining a reply to the individual on the other end. How do we satisfy the customers who apply this feature?

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