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How Google Views And Treats Duplicate Content Issues

There usually is a raging controversy amongst webmasters as to how Google and other search engines view and treat duplicate content issues. Before we reveal the result of our in depth research, we must place “duplicate content” in proper perspective. What is duplicate content?

3 Online Marketing Rookie Mistakes That Newbies Make

Mistakes newbies make when starting out online. Learn what these mistakes are, and how you can avoid them today.

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The Pros And Cons Of Paying For Internet Traffic

Whether or not you should pay for traffic. Learn what the benefits and drawbacks of paying for traffic are.

Viral Marketing As the Next Big Thing

Is it at all possible that you think or feel that you have never heard of viral marketing? Well, do you realize that many people feel the same way as you do? They are thinking that they have no knowledge of exactly what viral marketing happens to be. Yet, if you have ever seen a video online that you just had to share with your friends or seen a TV commercial that you just cannot forget you have heard of viral marketing.

My Own Web Page – And The “Must Have” Mind Set

The making of my own web page and having the right “mind set” in Internet Marketing is vital for my success as an Internet Marketer. There has to be passion in what you believe in – in what you love to do and in the things that interest you the most. Like an artist who places the palette before the canvas with brush in hand.

Use Viral Marketing to Get the Word Out

Alright, let’s say that you have a huge gathering coming up that you want as many people as possible to attend? The question becomes how do you get this message out without driving yourself absolutely crazy? Well, have you thought about posting an event notice on any of today’s popular social networking sites?

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Four Greatest Advantages of Online Business

Since the invention of the Internet, life on earth has never been the same. There came a drastic revolution and the big world has become a relatively smaller place where people from all walks of life and all parts of it were drawn closer to one another.

What Is Viral Marketing Anyway?

When you look at the term “viral marketing” what is the very first thing that you think of? If, like so many people, you see just the first word “viral” and think of a computer virus you are missing the boat a little here.

Considering Online Business in Other Countries

There is a perfectly good reason to consider some online business in China opportunities. Being the country that has the largest number of people all over the world, with over six billion people being Chinese and over a billion of them living in China, there is no doubt that there are many opportunities in the Chinese market.

Money Making Opportunities – 4 Clues That Will Help You Tell The Good From The Bad

When you are looking for good money making opportunities, you first have to know how to avoid the bad ones. There are some clues that will help you determine the good opportunities from the bad ones.

Some Universal Reasons for Internet Marketing Success

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are attempting to succeed at internet marketing. After all, it’s a pretty big field and there are a lot of ways you can approach it. Because there are so many ways to work with internet marketing, there are a lot of different ways you can mess up with internet marketing. Still, most of the time people fail at making money online for a couple core reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why people just don’t succeed in their online marketing efforts, regardless of what strategy they are using.

Key Word Tools – What to Look for in a Good Key Word Research Tool

What defines a good keyword research tool? To put it simply a tool that makes your life easier. Time is your most important commodity if you run an online business and you need to make the most of it. Key word tools that offer you options that allow you to do all of your research in one place will maximize your online efforts.

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