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Facebook Marketing and the Egyptian Revolution – 3 Lessons to Learn

Facebook proved to be the best viral marketing method on the planet as long as you have what it takes to use it properly. In order to build a successful viral Facebook marketing campaign you need 3 criteria: persistence, an example, and a front.

Internet Marketing for Small Business – 6 Powerful Tips To Gain A Formidable Online Presence

What is Internet Marketing for Small Business and how can it affect you, the small business owner, if you don’t start taking action NOW? Well, with more and more small businesses trying to survive the onslaught of an economic downturn, it’s no wonder that they can be finding themselves spending money unnecessarily, on ineffective advertising methods, just to gain a competitive edge.

Home Based Business – An Opportunity That You Should Grab

Many people are afraid to try any of the home based business opportunities that they see on the internet because of the scam issues that go with it. However, there are also a lot of people who are earning money with their online businesses.

Small Businesses, Your Online Presence

So many businesses get this wrong. Its the starting point for any online presence for any organisation and its remarkable how wrong some businesses get it.

How Do You Know If Your Website Is an Asset or a Hindrance?

Today, I want you to begin thinking about your online strategies differently and consider a different approach to marketing your brand online. When most of think of marketing, we have to consider ways to measure and track return on investment (ROI).

How Important Is Original Content for SEO?

An article should be accurate, interesting and appealing to a reader. It should contain original content, be informative, engage your readers, and have them returning for more. So how important is original content? If your subject matter or content is original it will stand out from other articles and a reader’s interest is more likely to be retained.

Marketing Strategy for an Online Business

Read the advice from the Six Figure Mentors on the right marketing strategy for an online business to build a six figure income online. Find out the 3 income streams you should build up to ensure a consistent income leading to more financial freedom.

The Power Of A Formal Online Marketing Education

Being an online marketer requires the same efforts to be educated, trained, and continually updated on new developments. Unfortunately, many people learn just enough to be able to create a website and launch a business but do not take the time to learn what they need to know about the important considerations that lead to long-term success. In order to truly achieve the level of success you desire, a formal online marketing education should be one of your top priorities as an entrepreneur.

Establish Your Business Online Presence for Free

Many business owners are reluctant to have a website because it is too difficult for them to do or expensive to outsource. The solution as come in the form of free Google Places Pages. A free service by Google that allows local business owners to claim a local presence quickly and easily.

Becoming Successful Relies On Potent Online Social Media Marketing Services

Ebusiness is a growing industry which can turn a nice revenue for any kind of business like a social media marketing business enterprise. The internet is really a vital tool and resource for firms as well as businesses, yet one drawback of the internet is intense, worldwide competition that makes survival critical to staying successful. Although many men and women opt to build their own ebusiness and create internet sites to sell their services and products, effective marketing is the single reason companies survive.

Are You An Internet Marketing Zombie?

Internet Marketing zombies are trying to take over the IM niche. But if we all know what to look at for, we can stop them forever. Find out more here.

E-marketing With No Training

Many career hunters try to tackle e-marketing with no training and eventually throw in the towel after only a few months. Since the beginning of formal education and trade schools it has been a given if you were to advance yourself in any given field and be a success you would need training schooling. There have been scammers and thieves since the start of human time and we still will get hood winked by them.

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