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Local Business Marketing – Google Instant Previews: Good or Bad News for Your Website?

Google recently launched Google Instant and Google Instant Previews (GIP) in an effort to speed up the delivery of search results and to provide a visual preview of a search result without the user needing to click away to visit the site. This is not a really a new innovation for search as Bing has already had similar functionality on its search pages. Giving users the ability to see a website before they click on the link to visit it could be either good news or bad news depending on several factors which we will explore.

Internet Marketing – Driving Traffic to Your Websites and Businesses

While talking me and my friends learned that the single biggest factor in our success if we wanted to run a home based business would revolve around our ability to drive targeted traffic to our website and our businesses. So the first thing we needed to do was learn various ways to drive traffic.

Internet Marketing – You Can Create Websites That Generate Revenue and Then Sell Them Off

There are people right now who are running small internet marketing businesses online where all they do is get a website bringing in a dollar or two a day before they flip it off for a huge profit. Utilizing this module as an Internet based business is extremely powerful and effective.

Is Social Media Right For You?

Everyone knows that social media is the big buzz word in online marketing, is it for you right now. I would look at Facebook first because in the next few years Facebook will replace Google as the place to go to advertise and get leads.

Internet Marketing – 5 Tips To Help Build Your Passive Income Goldmine Faster

This article outlines a few of the basic practices and processes I have adopted myself. Follow these steps to make your chances of success in the online world that much better.

Marketing Multiple Websites

This article will explain how to market more than one presence. It is important to keep one website or blog in the number one spot never sacrificing attention, but if you find yourself with extra time spend it marketing your second or third web presences.

Internet Marketing – Do Not Let Obstacles Hinder Your Success

You are going to be very motivated to start your small business online in the beginning, and once you’re Internet-based business is running you may get hit with a heavy dose of reality. Chances are you’re going to face several obstacles that will need to be overcome.

Internet Marketing – Asking for an Uncomfortable Amount of Money Up Front

Internet Marketing is an attractive solution to a problem that many people are facing, the need for more money in order to just make things a little easier for ourselves and our families. With the current financial situation some people are required to work two or more jobs just to make ends meet.

Islamic Marketing

For those of us who look forward and see what internet marketing opportunities there may be had in the near future then they will be the ones who will benefit from some true economic opportunities. The big one that stands out as most neglected is the worldwide Islamic economy. Focus your efforts on Islamic marketing and you can truly prosper.

5 Signs of Bad Internet Marketing

There are many so called gurus out there that will tell you that making money on the internet is easy, fast and effortless. BEWARE of these types of marketers! They are only out there to make money of off you! They may or may not have already made money through legit means and are now trying to push a get rich quick “system” so they can get your money too. Here are 5 signs to look for internet marketing scams.

Poor Online Sales? Ramp Up Your Sales Message

Writing powerful copy, which gets people to do your main objective, is not as hard as some may think. Keeping the message clear, concise and helpful is first and foremost. When you provide valuable insights, and give credible information concerning the topic of interest, they will keep reading your message.

Is Your Website a Magnet?

Is your website a magnet or do your prospective customers leave and never come back? Here are five powerful but simple SEO Tips that you can use to turn your website into a magnet that will attract your customers so they will come back time and time again.

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