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Traditional Versus Online Marketing

Think about the way products and services have been advertised traditionally- billboards, TV ads and of course word of mouth advertising. How far has online advertising come from those forms of advertising? How can online marketing help a brick and mortar business?

Social Media Marketing Is Part of the Online Marketers Strategy Now

Social media marketing should be a tool that online marketers use;but only if the goods they are selling and the services offered are up to the mark. To ignore the power of social network sites is folly for online marketers. Read the article to find out more.

Will Mobile Marketing Dominate in the Next Few Years?

Mobile marketing is a powerful tool that online marketers have yet to come to terms with. Although it is still a comparatively new tool for marketers, some have already realized its potential. Have you?

Earn An Income Online – What It Takes

Regardless of any products you may have to offer in order to earn an income online there are certain steps you must take to make your efforts profitable! Not only must you be concerned with how you promote your business but also how you intend to continue increasing sales! Read more to discover the 3 things you MUST do to start and grow a business that will just about manage itself over time!

How to Choose a Business Name

When you build a website, it may time to settle on a name for your business. Choosing a name for your business or website should not be taken lightly. It is going to be the very first impression for most of your customers and it should give them the right picture of who you are or who you’d like to be. There are also some other, less obvious factors to think about when choosing a business name. I’m going to go over a few things regarding your business name.

Online Legitimate Jobs: Seven Great Legit Work At Home Jobs

The Internet today is not just used to obtain information or entertainment. Even more beneficial, the Internet is also a place to earn money. Here are some ideas on how to earn money from online business. Not just quick ways, what is listed here are legitimate online jobs.

Positioning Yourself As An Expert – Focus Only On The People Who Know You

It should be no surprise that experts make the most money in any niche or industry. That’s pretty much common sense. Smart marketers understand this and they spend time positioning themselves as experts so they can get a larger piece of the pie.

Positioning Yourself As An Expert – How To Get Rid Of Content You Don’t Want

One of the best strategies to position yourself as an expert is to control page 1 of Google when someone searches your name online. It’s human nature to find ‘dirt’ on someone to see if you’re real or not. That’s why they turn to Google and search your name.

Positioning Yourself As An Expert – The Psychology Behind Being An Expert

If I’m looking for information online, generally I look for an expert in that particular industry or niche. I mean, if I were to need a heart surgery, would I want a doctor who has over 20 years of experience doing heart surgeries or would I want the person who read ‘heart surgery for beginners’ 30 minutes ago. I know that’s an extreme example, but is it really?

What Is a Sales Funnel System Used For?

Many website owners find it difficult to continuously generate a powerful stream of income to support their online business. The issue is never that there aren’t enough buyers, but the problem lies in not properly creating and cultivating relationships with your visitors and soon to be customers. The sales funnel system is used for converting visitors to life long customers that you can sell to for a lifetime.

How To Track Marketing Results

Many times business owners can’t tell if their marketing strategy is working or not. There are reasons for this. And they may happen for many reasons. Here’s some analysis on the analysis.

Advanced Landing Page Design 101

In order for your landing page design to be effective, you need to make sure that you include all of the most important elements according to consumer psychology. Not only should your landing page design be optimized for user friendliness, but you need to take into account the different “stages” of attention that you are leading the readers through, and keep them as tactical as possible, without deviating from your theme of “reasoning”. First off, you need to make your USP (unique selling proposition) clear.

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